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No! I’m not talking about a standard set of letters that represent the sounds of the spoken language. My assumption is that, if you are reading this post then, you know the ABC’s of the alphabet. Often when we use this expression, we are talking about knowing the parts of a subject or activity that we have to learn first because they are important and basic. In my case, I am asking if you know the ABC’s of mindfulness, in particular,  the ABC’s of Dynamic Mindfulness. 

Chances are, you don’t know these ABC’s and you are paying the price for your ignorance. I say this because while the term mindfulness is popular today, many people are really not familiar with what it means and some shy away from it for a variety of reasons and continue to struggle with the physical and emotional toll of stress and anxiety.

This takes me back to the focus of my recent post. I was talking about many people in our society who have not learned how to manage stress and regulate their emotions. To be honest, I have been one of those people. I’m not saying that I had an anger management problem. I’m saying I had a problem managing my thoughts and feelings. I have the tendency to internalize my behaviors while some people’s thoughts and feelings are put on exhibition for the world to see. Both can be problematic. 

Dynamic Mindfulness, as I have learned through the Niroga Institute, has taught me how to regulate my emotions through Mindful Action, Breathing and Centering. They call these the ABC’s of mindfulness. Today, I only want to concentrate on Mindful Centering. 

Simply put, mindful centering refers to a nonjudgmental focus of attention on the present moment experience. We notice our body sensations, thoughts, and feelings without feeling swept away by them.

I don’t know about you, but that is an important skill for me to develop. Especially at times like these. I invite you to learn more about mindfulness by reading up on it on your own or joining me on Monday nights where I lead a weekly mindfulness session with others who are interested in this topic. I am a Dynamic Mindfulness Certified Trainer with Niroga Institute and I would love to see more people in my community developing these skills to take care of themselves and their community amid stressful times.

You can learn more about these sessions by going on We had been meeting together at the Uplift NOLA studio, but I am also experimenting with virtual sessions with those wanting to continue to learn and build community together. 

Even if you can’t join in on an online session or in person, when we open the doors of the studio back up, I encourage you to reach out with me so that we can talk more about mindfulness. This is the perfect time to learn your ABC’s. 

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