Quiet Down

By Alan Delery

I begin by saying, “I like checklist.” They help me to be more productive in my day and give me a sense of accomplishment by the end of the day. I’ve made a point of creating a checklist each day since I’ve been “Staying at Home.” I start each morning with prayer and mindfulness practice to get a sense of what I should be adding to my daily checklist. I try to stay reasonable with my list. (I know God is reasonable so why should I not try to be reasonable too.)

Some days I find that I am not as reasonable as I could have been or I am distracted by other competing things. Last Friday for instance. I made a list of seven things to accomplish that day. I actually didn’t review my list again until Monday when I realized that I hadn’t done one thing on Friday’s list. No stress! I simply changed the date on my list and added a few more things. That’s how I have learned to roll with life. 

Well, Tuesday arrives and I notice that I only accomplished three on the Monday list of ten things. “Let’s not fall apart now,” I thought to myself. I reflected on my previous day and concluded that I allowed Facebook and the News channel to steal much of my time. Also, I had accomplished some unwritten task that came up with my family. Still no stress, but I did notice that I was allowing myself to become distracted away from the restoration of my mind and body that I am convinced this is a national Call to Rest that should be our focus.

With the exception of one, two or maybe three things that I want to accomplish this week, I have decided to put my daily checklist aside for the remainder of the week in order to, more fully, restore my soul. No more reading or making Facebook posts. No binge watching the News. No more blog post (after this one).  No household chores (Sorry Michelle)…………… WAIT!!! I’ve taken a moment to rethink that last one. I will do household chores but in a more mindful way (I love my wife).

My focus for the remainder of the week will be to Quiet Down and increase my awareness on three things:

  1. Body awareness. (No further details at this time. That will be for a future post.)
  2. Awareness of my immediate surroundings (Back to nature)
  3. God awareness. (God’s still small voice)

Some of you should consider having the same intention. We have a couple of more weeks with this COVID Thing and God wants to reveal some things to you. 

Scripture reading for today: 1 Kings 19:11-13 Put your name into verse 13 and have your own little talk with God. 

#stay peaceful

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      • ferdieWerdie
        ferdieWerdie says:

        I gave up house work since I moved out of mama and daddy house. So I gave not done housework since the 1960’s. Daddy used to say that I move to a new house once I kill a house. Uncle Bay said that too. He said Lil’ Ferd will surely kill a house.

  1. Peggy
    Peggy says:

    I AM quieting down and enjoying what peace I can find staying at home during this pandemic. I’m making a point to get 8 hours of sleep to give my body time to rest and repair itself. I also am making an effort to exercise regularly. I appreciate you checking in with me to keep me connected into our Christian faith, even to the point of you helping me get some kinks out of my computer so that I can participate in online Sunday services and Life Group.

    ”God thank you for being with us, especially now. Give healing and comfort to all who are suffering. Let us be quiet, so we can hear you speak to us. Amen!”


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