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Positive Impact – We Care Campaign


The purpose of the Positive Impact “We Care” campaign is to support caring communities by encouraging community members to commit to a series of actions that align with our growth principles and result in unity, wholeness and justice. Pledge your support by becoming a registered Peacemaker.

Read about the four commitments areas below. You may be interested in more than one. Sign up today and we will contact you with more information on how your commitment can make a Positive Impact in our communities!

1: Personal Development

The first step of a Peacemaker is developing love and compassion for ourselves. Life is full of internal and external stressors that affect the way we think, feel and act in our interpersonal relationships. Building skills that help us with stress resilience, self-awareness and emotion regulation increase our ability to walk at peace with others.

2: Family

A person’s sense of responsibility to care for their family is a value generally recognized in our society. What better place to build strong healthy individuals? Parents are expected to prioritize their children’s wellbeing including food, shelter, discipline, character education, faith, sense of community and most of all a sense of love and belonging.

3: Lead a S.T.I.N.G.

The S.T.I.N.G. supports your commitment to your family and your neighbor. It stands for Striving to Impact Neighborhood Group. S.T.I.N.G.’s are formed by reaching out and organizing people in your neighborhood to provide support and care through meetings, service projects, and exploring ways to strengthen relationships.

4: Financial Pledge

In addition to creating training and support for the “We Care” Partner Action categories, Positive Impact does outreach in the community and offers conflict resolution and restorative approaches in the schools and justice system. We want to provide these services at free or reduced prices. Financial contributions help with the operation of the organization.

  • Bronze – $25.00-50.00
  • Silver – $51.00-100.00
  • Gold – $101.00-250.00
  • Platinum – $251-499.00
  • Corporate – $500+

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Join the We Care Team!

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