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As we look at our landscape of community resources and programs, it’s hard to know where to start. There seems to be a program to fit just about every need, but again, where do you start when you are trying to make a positive impact, and leave a positive mark, on your community… a community that is plagued with multiple problems?

Positive Impact helps meet that by connecting people with resources and building teams, led by the next generation of youth leaders, to address the needs of the community in a coordinated fashion.

Our focus is simple: establish partnerships with local community agencies, schools, civic organizations and the business community to partner with youth leaders to promote safe and caring communities. 

Positive Impact utilizes adventure and experiential learning, as well as a service learning approach, to train youth community leaders and promote greater community awareness and volunteerism. Once trained in the concepts of Investigation, Preparation and Planning, Action, Reflection, and Demonstration, youth will be connected with the needed resources within the community to enact positive change. 

The foundation of Positive Impact is its S.T.I.N.G. (Striving To Impact Neighborhood Groups.) S.T.I.N.G is a youth group that has been formed in a specific neighborhood by reaching out to established friendship networks and providing structure, leadership, opportunities, motivation, and hope. In reaching out to these youth Positive Impact can help build a neighborhood that is a light to the community. Positive Impact believes in the power of "positive" peer pressure. 

Positive Impact is a Certifying organization for the Presidential Service Award

Restorative Circle is a conflict-resolution discussion where those affected develop their own solutions on how to make the situation right. In this process, a trained facilitator brings together those responsible, those impacted, and others affected to create an action plan to repair harm and prevent it from happening again.

Peacemaker Retreats offer an opportunity to reflect on and develop a path toward peace by connecting with God, self & others. Retreats utilize the book, He Called Me Little Rock: Reflections of a Peacemaker to move participants through what is called The Peacemaker Ladder and examines the Beatitudes taught by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount.

Peacemaker Retreats are facilitated through weekend retreats or in weekly workshops.

“If all we see is hatred, anger, division, and fear and never talk about love then we will never see the world change. Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount was recorded in the Gospel of Matthew more than 2,000 years ago. It is my desire that my story transforms this sermon into a modern-day path toward peace.” - Alan “Little Rock” Delery

About Us


Positive Impact, Inc. was founded by Alan Delery and the late Paul Dix in 1993. The organization’s goal remains unchanged – building safe and caring communities through positive relationships.

According to founder Alan Delery, “So many of the problems we face today from drug abuse to general apathy could be turned around if we built stronger caring communities. When we started Positive Impact our initial focus was helping the youth learn to be competent and compassionate members of their communities; however as we grew, and built families of our own, we soon realized that the entire family unit and the entire community would need to be on board if we are ever going to make any type of positive impact.  


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Alan Delery

Founder / president

Seth Delery


Kenneth Sabathia



Alisa Calmes


Josh Pichon

Board member

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Board Member

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    Building Safe and Caring Communities  through Positive Relationships

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