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Stuff in The Big Easy

by Alan Delery While New Orleans is known for the gentle, slow and easy-going way of life, it is not always so easy to live here. I was recently talking to someone who pointed out that we all have stuff that makes life not so easy. We brought some of that “stuff” on ourselves, some […]


Civic Engagement

By Alan Delery The proposed New Orleans City Council resolution No. R-22-48 to establish a “robust review policy for current and future bike lanes” passed on Thursday, January 20, 2022. It is my understanding that recommendations from a review committee will be presented back to the City Council within the next six (6) months. While […]

Can you see him?

By Alan Delery If you look up into the tree canopy, you will notice a large broken tree limb that presents a dangerous hazard for life and property. This is, in my back yard, looming over my back apartment and patio deck. It’s been there for months, and I never knew when it would fall […]


Vision. Not a Pipe Dream

By Alan Delery “Sometimes you have to go through traffic to get to your vision.” Little Rock We are at that time of year where I like to reflect on my personal, family and community health. Positive Impact uses 5 principles of growth, as symbolized in our logo, with each principle visualized as one of […]

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by Alan Delery Today, I would like you to imagine a person who lives well, treats others fairly and keeps good relationships. As you imagine this person, I want you to begin to notice how it feels in your body, when you are around them. Take time and sit still for a couple of minutes […]

Sustaining the Soul that Serves

Those of us who experienced the impact of Hurricane Ida, have likely experienced both practices of giving and receiving. I have heard it called the law of giving and receiving. The Book of Ecclesiastes says, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” Eccles. 3:1 We benefit when […]

Human Recharge

Alan Delery I don’t know about you, but in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, I have been  pretty  busy the last few days. My prayer and meditation routine has been thrown off and a level of stress has set in. Each of our stories are different, but we all could use a mental and emotional […]

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This is what we do.

by Alan Delery The vision for Positive Impact is to encourage and support community development; one neighbor, one friend, one family member and one person at a time. This is what we do. This is who we are here in New Orleans. In good times and in bad. Here in New Orleans, we happen to […]


Be Proactive: Make a Plan

Are you prepared for this hurricane season? Did you know that each day you and I have around 100 chances to choose whether to be proactive or reactive? Being proactive helps reduce stress and increases the chances for the best outcome, even in an emergency. It’s called emergency preparedness. As a part of the “We […]