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My Bike Story

by Alan Delery I’ve been a bike rider all my life. I even chose to ride to work rather than drive my car, in my teens and early twenties. This was on Elysian Fields and Gentilly, both of which were not particularly safe for bike riders and I had to be extremely careful. My point […]


How are things going in your life? Things may be smooth sailing, but chances are you have something in your life that is not going exactly as planned. You are not alone. Bringing our vision into reality is filled with challenges. I will not even take the time to list those challenges because you know […]

Faith Confession

When I was a youth pastor at a church, I developed the following faith confession for the opening of our meetings. It became a faith confession that I would use throughout my life. I’m sharing it today for those who remember reciting it as youth, as well as for anyone new that it might resonate […]

Life Focus

Positive Impact promotes Vision as the first principle of Life Focus to guide our lives. We believe that having a vision gives us the foundation for wise Work. Through the years I have taught on what I call “The Three D’s” (Decisions, Direction and Destiny.) Decisions determine Direction and Direction determines our Destiny. I’d like […]



By Alan Delery “Pay close attention to what you hear. The closer you listen, the more understanding you will be given–and you will receive even more.” Mark 4:24 In the above quote, Jesus was telling His disciples the benefit of listening to His teaching, but the principle applies to anything. How well do you listen […]