By Alan Delery

“Sometimes you have to go through traffic to get to your vision.” Little Rock

We are at that time of year where I like to reflect on my personal, family and community health. Positive Impact uses 5 principles of growth, as symbolized in our logo, with each principle visualized as one of the seed pockets in an apple. The principles are Vision, Work, Rest, Accounting and Worship. The two principles that I want to address today are Vision and Work.

If you are like me, you probably have written down a vision or two in your lifetime. Things that you would like to have or would like to accomplish. The reality is, you may have given up on your dreams as simply pipe dreams that are “unattainable or fanciful hopes or plans.”

Did you know that in the 1870’s, the term pipe dream came into use to describe the hallucinations a person experienced while under the influence of opium? It’s sad to think that some people have accepted God-given ideas as pipe dreams and have moved on with their lives. Proverbs 13:12 says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.”

I have recently decided to take my health as seriously as I have other areas of my life that I have had success with. I want good health to move from just a vision to reality as I age.

I am applying the following strategies toward the accomplishment of my Vision. I invite you to review these ideas and consider applying them in your life.

1. Recognize the growth area you need to work on.
2. Pray for and welcome the grace of God into your mind, your will, your emotions and your intellect, in your targeted area.
3. Find at least 3 Scripture passages that support the importance of making the change.
4. Set realistic and measurable goals for change (2 month and weekly goals)
5. Write down a daily positive faith confession that you have the grace to grow in this area.
6. Get an accountability partner to support your growth.
7. Reward yourself for mini accomplishments (daily, weekly and monthly).
8. Be compassionate with yourself.
9. Don’t give up when you encounter challenges at meeting your goal.
10. Remember the Five Principles of Growth (Vision, Work, Rest, Accounting and Worship)

Positive Impact would like to support others who want to see greater growth in their lives. If you are interested, the first step is to complete the We Care survey and select Personal Development as one of your interest areas.

Stay Peaceful

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