By Alan Delery

If you look up into the tree canopy, you will notice a large broken tree limb that presents a dangerous hazard for life and property. This is, in my back yard, looming over my back apartment and patio deck. It’s been there for months, and I never knew when it would fall but I knew it was inevitable. I’ve had smaller branches fall on my property that have taken out gutter cans and other items. One branch fell on the deck right on top patio furniture where my wife had been sitting moments before.

I knew it was too dangerous for me to handle alone. There was too much at risk. Especially since I’m not a trained arborist. A professional was hired and is working on removing dead and broken limbs as I sit here writing this post. It’s pretty amazing.

I snapped this picture to record the progress and decided to share a simple insight from my observation. No matter how closely I looked, I could not see the guy who was right there at work.

Sometimes we have dangerous situations in our lives that pose a real threat to our wellbeing and that of others. If we tried to prune those metaphorical dead branches ourselves, we are likely going to cause more damage, possibly severe and unrepairable. There is no shame in going to God for help. It’s awe inspiring to watch him do his thing in ways that we couldn’t imagine. Sometimes he is at work, and we can’t even see him.

It’s good to have shade from trees that are placed in our lives, but it is also important to know that sometimes a canopy needs to be opened up for us. My yard is safer and looking so much brighter. I can already envision growing different vegetation on the ground as the job is completed.

As you begin this new year, may you gain insight on the possibilities that exist when you welcome the Creator to do His thing in your life.

Enjoy the new year.

Stay Peaceful

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