by Alan Delery

Today, I would like you to imagine a person who lives well, treats others fairly and keeps good relationships. As you imagine this person, I want you to begin to notice how it feels in your body, when you are around them. Take time and sit still for a couple of minutes to observe whether you feel anxious or calm as you think about this person.

What would our society be like if everyone was trying to be this person? What would the world be like if more people nurtured others to live well, treat others fairly and keep good relationships.

The purpose of Positive Impact is to create safe spaces that cultivate love and compassion for ourselves and others. With the eyes of faith, I see homes across our city creating spaces that promote peace and justice. I see people loving their neighbors as themselves. I see people being kind and patient with one another.

As a Christian, I believe that is what we are called to do. My church is in the middle of a sermon series called, “Written in Stone: God’s Commands for Life’s Demands.” We are studying the 10 Commandments found in Exodus Chapter 20 of Bible. As we take a fresh look at these commands, I see ways of relating with others that promotes peace and strengthens communities.

We live in a diverse society, and everyone doesn’t believe just like me, but certain laws are written in our hearts. When these ways of living are followed, they can be felt in our bodies. When they are not followed, people live with tense, stressed out bodies and many are sick. It’s been said that our issues live in our tissues.

We know what justice feels like. We can feel when we are being treated fairly. We like to be around people who build relationships rather than cause division. Our minds and bodies are healthier when we live in more stress-free communities that follow the law of love.

I encourage you to join hands with your neighbors to build the type of caring community that I’m talking about. It’s not always easy but it’s the right thing to do.

One easy thing you can do is take a look at how we can support one another to strengthen our community. Go to

Stay Peaceful

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