By Alan Delery

The proposed New Orleans City Council resolution No. R-22-48 to establish a “robust review policy for current and future bike lanes” passed on Thursday, January 20, 2022. It is my understanding that recommendations from a review committee will be presented back to the City Council within the next six (6) months.

While there were over 100 public comments submitted at Thursday’s meeting, the reading of these comments was limited to just 10 minutes. 5 minutes for those in favor of and 5 minutes for those against the resolution. The reading of each comment was given up to 2 minutes which allowed for the reading of only 2 comments in favor and less than 10 against the resolution.

Because the protected bike lanes became such a hot topic in Algiers, where many vocal residents argued that they were not given adequate public notice on the development of the initial plan, I was in support of the resolution to give additional time to study the impact of its implementation.

I would like to point out that announcements of public meetings were made over a year before the plans were rolled out in Algiers. I was not in connection with any bike safety groups when I heard about and attended these meetings. I became active as I learned more and welcomed the improvement of the cities bike infrastructure.

It is my hope that more people become involved with this process to let their interest be heard. It is also my hope that the elected officials and designated departments give fair and balanced consideration on how to move forward. I hope it doesn’t become, “the squeaky wheel gets the oil.” There must be an appropriate forum for all voices to be heard and respected. At the end of this discourse may we live with the decisions that are made.

May we as a city demonstrate that “We Care” about important issues that impact our community. There are caring citizens with different positions on the issue and I believe we can each make some concessions, move forward and address other issues that we are faced with.

#StayPeaceful,#StaySafe, #LoveYourNeighborAsYourself

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