A Couple of Positive Impact members participated in The Color Run Mardi Gras on Saturday, February 9, 2013. The 5K race around City Park is modeled loosely after Holi, the Hindu springtime Festival of Colors, with participants starting out in pristine white clothing and ending up a riot of color. At each kilometer mark, participants had a different colored powder thrown at them. We volunteered for the color pink and joined with other volunteers from Grace King, Lusher, Bonnabel and Rummel to spread the love. As the runners passed they were begging for more pink to be poured out on them.  We all had a blast but the clean up was another thing.


Our participation in this event was decided by the group as they considered activities that aligned with our 2013 focus of health and wellness. They chose to explore the importance of water on human health and decided one way to participate in the community around this topic was  to identify local races and volunteer to serve at their watering stations.  Not surprisingly, we got to the volunteer check in station and decided that dousing runners with colored powder seemed much more fun.

Look for us at the Crescent City Classic and you will see us working one of the water stations.

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