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DSC_0293For the past couple of months, Wayne has been taking the group out for a variety of fitness activities on Sunday afternoons. These activities have ranged from weight lifting, to running on the Mississippi River levee. On this day, in Brechtel Park, he “simply” taught us some of the basics of stretching. While this did not seem as strenuous, as some of the other days, he emphasized that we can not underestimate its importance. I put simply in quotes because as simple as it may have seemed, it was slightly entertaining to watch relatively active teens try to do basic stretching exercises.

Stretching  improves your flexibility, reduces risk of injury and improves your overall quality of life. Wayne focused on many of the major muscle groups, during this session.

If you are interested in joining us in a Sunday run or some other outdoor activity to stay fit, send us message.  This Sunday routine is for young and old alike.

We look forward to you joining us.

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The GatheringNOLA is a community-based house church led by Jesus Christ and facilitated by me-- Minister Alan Delery. My background is in juvenile justice, youth ministry and community renewal. I'm a graduate of LSU (bachelors in criminal justice), Rhema Bible Training Center (youth ministry), and UNO (masters in sociology). I'm married to wonderful woman, Michelle, and we have three active sons.

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