How are things going in your life? Things may be smooth sailing, but chances are you have something in your life that is not going exactly as planned. You are not alone. Bringing our vision into reality is filled with challenges. I will not even take the time to list those challenges because you know what they are for you.

You have probably heard someone use the phrase “Easy-Peasy” to describe their confidence that a task will not be difficult at all. That expression is used to give assurance that they can be trusted to complete the task.

That may be the case for something that we have practiced over and over again to the point that it is second nature for us, but our Vision doesn’t start out that way. We may not know the troubles we will encounter on the journey to fulfillment of a vision.

The question that I have for you is, “Do you believe you can do it?”

Notice I didn’t ask, “Do you believe you can do it without any difficulty?” Many people get excited about a vision that they have but as soon as trouble arises they give up.

Vision that comes from God is almost always faced with difficulties. Some short term difficulty and some long term. Sometimes we need a longer time to prepare ourselves. Sometimes there are “giants” who challenge us.

Even though your journey may be filled with difficulties it can also be easy. That may sound contradictory but I’m talking about your ability to overcome the challenges.

The word easy in the bible comes from the Greek word chrestos meaning “fit for use, able to be used.”

Today, I want to encourage you not to give up. Be strong and courageous because you are able to be used.

I pray that God will open the eyes of your understanding so that you would walk in His grace and be able to do according to his pleasure.

#stay peaceful

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