Word of the Day: Focus

Look away from whatever is trying to draw your attention away from doing what you believe God has told you. It’s actually quite simple. This applies to anyone reading my post. It doesn’t matter if you are at the top of your game or at the end of your rope. Get a vision from God and stay focused.

Don’t turn to the left or the right. If you already took a detour, get back on the road.

It’s as simple as that.

Any questions?


By Positive Impact Admin

The GatheringNOLA is a community-based house church led by Jesus Christ and facilitated by me-- Minister Alan Delery. My background is in juvenile justice, youth ministry and community renewal. I'm a graduate of LSU (bachelors in criminal justice), Rhema Bible Training Center (youth ministry), and UNO (masters in sociology). I'm married to wonderful woman, Michelle, and we have three active sons.

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