School’s in Session

school in session

by Alan Delery

Well, it’s that time of year again. Summer break is over and students of all ages are preparing for school. Whether we are parents of someone in school or not, we are all responsible for or impacted by the education of our young people. The impact is more than just noticing the increase in morning traffic.  While our institutions of education are tasked with developing competent and compassionate citizens who can contribute to the building and strengthening of our communities, the reality is we all have to accept this task. We may have different roles but we have to invest in this generation if we want the future of our cities to be better.

School’s in Session

My twins are beginning college next week and the task of educating them is not over.  I’m praying that the community that they are moving to will care for and support them as they continue their journey into adulthood. They will probably make poor decisions, as I did when I was their age, but that should not be the end. It would just be another opportunity to teach them that they are a part of a community that needs them to consider the impact of their actions. That being said my expectation is for them to utilize the positive social skills that they have been taught since childhood.

School’s in Session

As I talked to my sons recently they mentioned that they wanted to find opportunities at their school to connect with others who are involved in community service. As I listened to them, I was filled with joy to hear their ambitions and wish them the best as they seek those connections. Because I know it’s easy to fall short of good intentions if you are not in a supportive community, I will count on others to be supportive when I am not around.

School’s in Session

As I close, I’m asking you to take a moment and consider if you are one of those individuals that other parents could count on to support their child to bring out the best in them. Don’t shy away from the youth that you come into contact with but find ways to connect with them. Even if you don’t have children of your own or they are grown and out of the house, your cities youth need a community to help them to be the best that they can be.

The mission of Positive Impact is to build safe and caring communities through positive relationships. Please keep an eye out on this website on ways that we can work together to accomplish that mission. Let’s keep in mind that school is always in session as we all continue to learn and practice being competent and compassionate members of society throughout our lives.

Stay peaceful.

By Positive Impact Admin

The GatheringNOLA is a community-based house church led by Jesus Christ and facilitated by me-- Minister Alan Delery. My background is in juvenile justice, youth ministry and community renewal. I'm a graduate of LSU (bachelors in criminal justice), Rhema Bible Training Center (youth ministry), and UNO (masters in sociology). I'm married to wonderful woman, Michelle, and we have three active sons.

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