ChildAs I was sitting in my office, I looked over and noticed a World Vision magnet on my file cabinet.  My family has been giving to World Vision for several years after representatives from the organization presented their mission at the church I was attending at the time. On the magnet is the a photo of two children, a contact number and the words, “A life to change.”  This magnet is a constant reminder of the child that is being impacted by my giving. This continues to be important to me but I am also reminded of my desire to impact the lives of young people right where I live, in my neighborhood.  As I begin the new year, I would like to chronicle my journey in my community.  You might say its my new years resolution.  I invite you to join in my journey by either giving a financial donation to Positive Impact, volunteering to partnering with us with your time or simply read my post and comment how you are inspired to make a difference in your own community.  Your comments on this site would not only inspire me but I’m sure can inspire others who read my post.

Have a Happy New Year and may God continue to bless you, your family and those you come into contact with.


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