What We Do

How do you make a mark on your community?

As you look out at the landscape of community resources and programs, it’s hard to know where to start. There seems to be a program to fit just about every need. But again, where do you start when you are trying to make a positive impact on your community… a community that is plagued with multiple problems?

Positive Impact helps meet that need by connecting people with resources and building teams — led by the next generation of youth leaders — to address the needs of the community in a coordinated fashion.

Our focus is simple: establish partnerships between youth leaders and a host of community agencies, schools, churches, civic organizations and the business community to promote safe and caring communities.

Positive Impact uses adventure and experiential learning, as well as a service learning approach, to train youth community leaders and promote greater community awareness and volunteerism. Once trained in the concepts of Investigation, Preparation and Planning, Action, Reflection and Demonstration, youth will be connected with the needed resources within the community to enact positive change.

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