As I consider the Summer of Restoration, I was reminded of this portion of the Lord’s Prayer which is about forgiveness. We also know it as “The Our Father.” It is an important part of the prayer because we all face opportunities to forgive others.

Some of us live in a chronic state of anger, blame or resentment. I believe that there is healthy anger when we have been harmed. It is an important emotion that motivates us to action. Things may not change, if we do not get angry enough to fight our way out of or avoid a situation. The problem is when we get stuck in a “blame game” and see everyone as our enemy. That’s when anger becomes unhealthy.

We find ourselves always tense, always assuming the worst intent and unable to enjoy others around us. Sometimes we are also unable to forgive ourselves and are not comfortable in our own bodies.

As I pray to God, I have found it extremely valuable to know Him as my father, but I am reminded that the prayer in Matthew 6:12 says, “Our Father.”

Jesus came to restore relationships. He was restoring our relationship with God as well as our relationship with ourselves and one another.

For those who are in a chronic state of anger, blame or resentment, today is the day of restoration. Acknowledge the wounds, tend to them and allow healing to take place.

Reflect on the lyrics of this Christian song that is familiar to many.

“He poured in the oil and the wine
The kind that restoreth my soul
He found me bleeding and dying
On the Jericho road
And he poured in the oil and the wine
Jesus Jesus Jesus I have
got Him on my mind
I have got Jesus on my mind”

This song is taken from the parable of the Good Samaritan who felt compassion for an injured person who was on the side of the road dying.

No matter what our religion, political view or identity, we can cultivate compassion. My Christian faith calls for it and empowers me with it when I take the time to allow my heart to receive it.

I go to church to be inspired by God’s Word around the idea of compassion and forgiveness. In addition, I facilitate a guided meditation practice where anyone can cultivate compassion. We sit together and focus our thoughts on each present moment so that we can rest our minds from chronic worry and judgment. We release the impact of stress on our bodies. This frees us to think more clearly and open ourselves to wisdom that is calling out to us.

As this is the summer of restoration, I invite you to pause and consider your life, reflect on what your mind is full of and take steps to walk in peace with God and man.

#Stay Peaceful

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