BellaI don’t know why it is but there is something energetic about living life with your nose. I know that can be interpreted a number of ways but let me explain.

I was recently walking my dog Bella, on the Levee of the Mississippi River. I don’t know exactly what breed of dog Bella is but I believe she has some type of terrier in her. She keeps her nose to the ground and sniffs every patch of clovers and just about any object that comes into her path. It can be frustrating at times as the owner holding the leash but on this particular day, I decided to enjoy her experience. I put aside my exercise goal and let her do her thing.

As we continued on our journey, together, I considered the pleasure she must have been experiencing. She would stick her nose deep into a patch of grass and I would wonder what she was sniffing out. For today’s discussion, it doesn’t really matter. My main take away was that I should be more like Bella as I live my life. There are some hidden “treasures” that I would never discover if I didn’t aggressively sniff them out as she was doing.

Sometimes, it’s rewarding to just go for an adventure without knowing what you’re searching for. Just take a walk into the world and see what you discover. You can be discriminate as you go and you will know when you’ve found what was right for the occasion. You will likely take great satisfaction in what you find. It’s the Law of Recognition.

Take a walk sometime soon and sniff around…

Just to be sure that my intentions are clear, I did not literally mean for you to get on the ground like a dog and sniff around. That would look a bit strange to those around you. I’m recommending that you go into your world with the belief that there is something for you to discover today that you might not have expected. When you find “it” you will know and be satisfied. Maybe you’ll roll around in it like my dog does. Bella2

Have a nice day.

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