Through the years, I have been involved in a variety of peacemaking efforts. I have trained teachers and students in conflict resolution, I have provided direct conflict resolution services, and I have coordinated service-learning projects with youth to promote peace. I have utilized secular and faith based social emotional learning initiatives to promote inner peace and peace in our communities.

The greatest reward has been learning how to live at peace with myself and others. Everyday living becomes rewarding when you learn the secret of life which is enjoying the simple moments and not taking yourself so seriously.

As long as I have breath, I will be Living in Vision, Work, Rest, Accounting and Worship. (These are my life’s focus.)  My work is to do the will of my heavenly Father. I have written my vision down in my book, “He Called Me Little Rock: Adventures of a Peacemaker.” which encompasses the guide for my Work for the rest of my life.

My prayer is that I would be used to encourage you in whatever phase of life you are in. Whether it is my 4-year-old granddaughter or my 92-year-old mother I want to encourage you to walk in peace. I want to encourage the 16-year-old juvenile locked up in a detention facility and the 21-year-old college student who may be struggling in school to walk in peace. You may be a 30-year-old parent or a grieving mother who has lost her son to gun violence. Whatever your stress of life may be, may you learn to live in peace.

For those who think they have their act together, I want to challenge you to read the book. If you do have your act together, it’s because God’s grace and wisdom, good decisions and lots of mercy in spite of yourself. I’m challenging you to read my book and share it with others so that you can see yourself as a peacemaker in a fresh way.

When you see future post from me, stop and read them. May you go on Living as you learn to walk in the unforced rhythms of grace.

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