Today, I’d like continue with a line of thought from a recent post where I used the analogy of sorting and folding the household laundry to discuss the process of dealing with societies problems. I addressed the thought that might be on a person’s mind who has become overwhelmed with the problems of society. Some have concluded, “Why try?” because it won’t make a difference. As I pointed out, “Love never fails.” We try because of love. We make a difference because Love never fails.

Before we can effectively deal with society’s ills we need our mind renewed. Just as we can be overwhelmed with making a positive impact in the world, we can also be overwhelmed with our own personal issues or attitudes that prevent us from walking in love with both ourselves and others. If we were able to peek into one another’s minds, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw chaos. Crazy thinking that has gotten out of control.

The reality is, we can see into the minds of others by what they say and do.

That leads me back to my initial reference to sorting and folding household laundry. Imagine your mind is the laundry basket full of cloths and your thoughts are all of the items of clothing. Mindfulness is sorting and folding your thoughts into neat piles.

Simply put it’s dealing with your thoughts. Using the laundry analogy, some socks are old and worn out and should be discarded. They are not worth hanging on to. We also have to be careful not to let unwashed items get thrown into the pile by mistake. Sometimes we must take and smell an item to make sure it doesn’t stink. Relating this back to your thoughts, you have to check for stinking thinking.

It’s time to do the laundry. It’s time to sort your thoughts.

Just as we wear clothes on our bodies, we wear our thoughts on our inner man through our feelings and actions. Have you ever heard someone say, “you’re in your feelings?” I put it this way, “you’re in your thoughts and feelings for all to see.” You probably heard the expression, “You wear your heart on your sleeve.”

Imagine what you might look like if the way you dressed represented what your inner man looks like.  Would you be wearing dirty, unkempt, non-matching cloths? The other day, I was getting dressed and went to my unsorted sock basket. Needless to say, this was a very inefficient and frustrating process. Sorted and matched socks are easier to grab than a pile of socks. I pulled out a sock that had its toe cut out. This was not the first time this had happened. Each time I threw it back in the basket.  My wife asked me later why I didn’t just throw it away.

What if I put the sock, with the entire toe cut out, on and went to work?

That’s what we do, when we are not organized in our mind. We put on the first thought that comes to mind, which usually have a feeling attached to it, then walk around in both PRIVATE and PUBLIC for others to see. People might think I was crazy if I was not careful with what I put on.

It’s time to take control of our lives by Doing the Laundry. Casting down every imagination and high thought that exalts itself against the knowledge of Christ. The way we dress impacts the way we live.

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