by Alan Delery

In my April 7 post, I referenced body awareness and stated that I would come back to that in the future. Well, while this isn’t my main point of today’s post, I had to point out that after observing the 2 photo’s of my finger, I became aware that I may need a manicure, but please don’t let that be your primary focus of this post. 

That being said, I ask you to examine both pictures and determine what is different about them. As you do so, may your examination be a catalyst for the transformation of your focus today. A transformation from an obsession with your problems and one of clarity for the bigger picture.

While I believe there is great value to self awareness, reflection and introspection, that awareness should be for greater clarity and insight into personal growth and benefit to your community. These two are tied together. 

These two pictures are to serve as an illustration of how we view our lives. Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. We get so caught up in our own problems that we are unable to “Move from Me to We.”

These pictures can represent either the needs around us or the opportunities for us to live our purpose. Identifying the needs can also bring clarity to our purpose. Today, I pray that God would bring insight to what is important for you.

As you look at the first picture, you may only notice the details and characteristics of my finger, but have no clarity of what lies in the background. Today, that background might be what is most important. As you look at the second picture you will notice that it is the Eastbank of New Orleans. You can now pick any object of the picture as a symbol of something greater. For example, I notice the American flag and in my mind I begin to add meaning to that symbol which can then lead to a cause of action of some sort. 

This is sort of how my prayer time is. I often start off with what mindfulness practitioners call the “monkey mind” and then ask God to bring clarity to what he wants me to focus on. I’ll start off scattered, then begin to get a sense of what brings me the most meaning and peace. That is what I began to explore further until I have confidence that I know what to do, what I should rest on or what I should meditate on further.

Weeks ago, I started out writing about society being at a place where its members have to slow down and reassess their priorities.  As our city begins to take steps to reopen, from the COVID-19 shutdown, I pray that you have used this time to gain greater focus for what is important. I pray that you began to develop some habits that would help you to maintain balance in your life. Don’t jump back into the Rush Hour of life without proper focus.

In closing, I pray that you will be able to see and enjoy the forest or the Garden of Life that you have been placed in. 

Proverbs 4:25-27

#stay peaceful

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